How to Bring out the Best from Your Cake Recipes

Anyone, even if one does not admit it is sure to posses a sweet tooth. Now, who would not want a cake?

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Cake is the product when you combine primary ingredients such as flour, leavening agent, liquid, sweetening, eggs and flavorings and cook it by means of an oven.

Apparently, there are hundreds of cake recipes that we now enjoy. Many appear in bread-like forms while some appear more like sweet treats such as biscuits and cookies. And there are those that are elaborately decorated. Some cakes were just recently developed and some had been satisfying human taste buds for centuries now.

Though many innovations and techniques have provided lesser difficulties in baking cakes, we still cannot deny that there are procedures and methods that we cannot perfect. And these, though they seem to be only parts of a comprehensive process are essential in the completion of a good cake from a not so good one.

In this article, we have prepared tips that will help enhance the cake recipes that you are following. However, these are intended to apply only for general cases.

Preheating is essential in the majority of all cake recipes. In general, we follow a 12 to 15 minutes preheating time. If the heat of your oven is questionable, please invest on a device that would provide you more exact temperature (as indicated in the cake recipe). Since any alteration on the prescribed temperature may cause slight imperfections on your product.

The usual problem that any novice may face after baking is the difficult release of the cakes from the pan. This can be solved by greasing the cake pan first by means of shortening. Greasing must cover the entire surface to be followed by dusting flour. Knock any excess flour.

In most cases, 1 tablespoon of fat or solid vegetable shortening will do. If a pastry brush is available, you can make use of this to even out the spreading of the shortening.

For chocolate cake recipes however, you may use cocoa powder as substitute for the flour in dusting the pans.

If you still find trouble with this method, you can use a cutout wax paper that would fit the pan. However, you must still grease the pan including the wax or parchment paper and coat them with flour.

To avoid uneven baking, avoid putting too much batter into the pan and never crowd a single part of the oven. Cake pans must always be placed in the middle rack so as to receive even heat. These must not touch each other’s side nor should they touch the sides of the oven. Otherwise, premature baking may occur. It would be good if you use shiny pans as they would help conserve heat.

Although the cake recipe may indicate the exact temperature, it is a rule of thumb to decrease 25 degrees Celsius from the heat if you are making use of glass pans.

In the absence of an 18-inch square pan however, a good alternative would be a round one or 2 8 X 4-inch loaf pans.

Before the cooking duration ends, see to it that doneness of the cakes is checked prior to the removal of the pans from the oven. For verification, check the sides of the cake for they must now pull away slightly from the pan or make use of a toothpick or cake tester.

With these being said, you are assured that you are one step closer to the perfection of your cake recipe.